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Connector (Base)
Zemic B8D-C3-1T Stainless Steel Load Cell
Zemic B8D-C3-2T Stainless Steel Load Cell
Zemic B8D-C3-1.5T-6B Stainless Steel Load Cell
Spirit Level
Packaging (1 x 1m)
Packaging (1.2 x 1.2m)
Packaging (1.5 x 1.5m)
Cable (internal with base connector)
Summing PCB
Pt Plastic Junction Box
GK Indicator-to-PT M/aM Cable (except SA, w/ M12 ring)
GK Indicator-to-PT Cable (w/ M16 ring)
AE403 Indicator-to-PT Cable (w/ M16 ring)
AE402/AE403 Indicator-to-PT Cable
Stainless Steel Load Cell, 1000kg
Stainless Steel Load Cell, 2000kg
Junction Box
PT SS Cable - AE 402 / AE 403