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Mechanical Balances & Scales

Our range of mechanical scales and balances for education are perfect for fast, easy weighing without the need for a power supply or rechargeable battery.

Adam Equipment currently manufactures the TBB Triple Beam Balance – a reliable, accurate weighing balance that is well suited to schools and classrooms. They are easily calibrated using weights that come with the balance, and simple to set up and use, even for younger children.

Our Products

Mechanical Balances & Scales

  1. TBB Triple Beam Balances

    A triple beam balance is used to accurately measure mass to a high degree of precision. Triple beam balances are usually inexpensive, mechanical-based weighing instruments that are ideal for teaching students concepts of mass measurement in a classroom environment.

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    Capacity : 2610g to 2610g

    Readability : 0.1g to 0.1g

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  2. MDW Mechanical Physician Scales

    Durable and affordable, the MDW mechanical scale simplifies height and weight measurement in fitness facilities. The notched counter weight quickly provides precise results, and sturdy wheels make the scale easy to transport.

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    Capacity : 350lb / 160kg to 440lb / 200kg

    Readability : 0.2lb / 0.1kg

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