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GF Platforms

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Compatible with a number of indicators, the GF stainless steel platform is available in a selection of sizes and capacities. GF is suited for industrial counting applications, shipping and receiving, batching items for processing and warehouse audits.

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Warranty 5 yearsWarranty 5 years

Key Specifications

165lb / 75kg to 1320lb / 600kg
0.01lb / 0.005kg to 0.1lb / 0.05kg




External CalibrationExternal Calibration
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Compatible with a number of Adam indicators, the GF platform scale is available in a selection of sizes for commercial industrial use.

The large stainless steel pan on the GF is well-suited for industrial counting applications, shipping and receiving, batching items for processing and warehouse audits. Connect GF to Adam's CBD weighing scale as an auxiliary platform as needed.

For more information on the GF stainless steel platform scale, please contact us.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged construction stands up to industrial use
  • Can be used with any Adam indicators
  • Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components
  • A 5-year warranty means quality assured for years of use.


Pan Size
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GF Platforms-GF 165AGF 165a165lb / 75kg0.01lb / 0.005kg19.7" x15.7" / 500x400mm
GF Platforms-GF 330AGF 330a330lb / 150kg0.02lb / 0.01kg19.7" x15.7" / 500x400mm
GF Platforms-GF 660AGF 660a660lb / 300kg0.05lb / 0.02kg19.7" x15.7" / 500x400mm
GF Platforms-GF 1320AGF 1320a1320lb / 600kg0.1lb / 0.05kg31.5" x23.6" / 800x600mm


Data Sheets


Here is a list of our available related products and suitable accessories:
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Load Cell, 100kg (60)-3111010829Load Cell, 100kg (60)-31110108293111010829
LAE-A1-25kg-K-20-C220 Load Cell (NBL/EBL 12001/16001/22001)-3091010035LAE-A1-25kg-K-20-C220 Load Cell (NBL/EBL 12001/16001/22001)-30910100353091010035
M6 x 12 Knob, longer shaft-3102310661M6 x 12 Knob, longer shaft-31023106613102310661
Stainless Steel Top Pan (600 / 1320a)-3051210472Stainless Steel Top Pan (600 / 1320a)-30512104723051210472
Plug Tip (United States), attaches to 3034013767-3034013768Plug Tip (United States), attaches to 3034013767-30340137683034013768
Stainless Steel Top Pan-3091410039Stainless Steel Top Pan-30914100393091410039
Lower Cross (600 / 1320a)-3051210470Lower Cross (600 / 1320a)-30512104703051210470
Load Cell, 60kg (32)-3111010828Load Cell, 60kg (32)-31110108283111010828
Load Cell, 200kg LAD (150 / 150H / 330a / 330aH)-3051010440Load Cell, 200kg LAD (150 / 150H / 330a / 330aH)-30510104403051010440
Cable End Load Cell Connector-3104010635Cable End Load Cell Connector-31040106353104010635
4-Pin Connectors - M-31040106324-Pin Connectors - M-31040106323104010632
Loadcell Gland-3102014733Loadcell Gland-31020147333102014733
12VDC 800mA Adapter (European Union)-30240915712VDC 800mA Adapter (European Union)-302409157302409157
Load Cell (Xiamen LAD-A type), 500kg-3051010441Load Cell (Xiamen LAD-A type), 500kg-30510104413051010441
Stainless Steel Top Pan (400x500mm)-3051410238Stainless Steel Top Pan (400x500mm)-30514102383051410238
Load Cell, 150kg (120)-3111010830Load Cell, 150kg (120)-31110108303111010830
Upper Cross (AGF 600/1320a)-3051210469Upper Cross (AGF 600/1320a)-30512104693051210469
6VDC 4.5Ah Battery-3024050886VDC 4.5Ah Battery-302405088302405088
12VDC 800mA Power Supply, no tip-303401376712VDC 800mA Power Supply, no tip-30340137673034013767
AE 403 Overlay-3105613110AE 403 Overlay-31056131103105613110
Rubber Housing Seal-3102314209Rubber Housing Seal-31023142093102314209
Lower Cross (16a/35a/65a/130a/260a)-3091510032Lower Cross (16a/35a/65a/130a/260a)-30915100323091510032
Rubber Seal for RS-232 Connector-3102010680Rubber Seal for RS-232 Connector-31020106803102010680
Main PCB-3104813208Main PCB-31048132083104813208
Indicator Load Cell Connector-3104010634Indicator Load Cell Connector-31040106343104010634
Load Cell, LAE 25kg (GB 16 / 35a)-3111110955Load Cell, LAE 25kg (GB 16 / 35a)-31111109553111110955
Upper Cross (16a/35a/65a/130a/260a)-3091510031Upper Cross (16a/35a/65a/130a/260a)-30915100313091510031
Load Cell, 10kg (6M / 15aM)-3111011154Load Cell, 10kg (6M / 15aM)-31110111543111011154
Metal U Bracket-3101413104Metal U Bracket-31014131043101413104
Load Cell, 750kg (600 / 1320a)-3051010442Load Cell, 750kg (600 / 1320a)-30510104423051010442
Top Metal Case Set, Laser Marking-3101614203Top Metal Case Set, Laser Marking-31016142033101614203
Relay Gland-3102014446Relay Gland-31020144463102014446
Bottom Metal Case Set-3101414201Bottom Metal Case Set-31014142013101414201
Internal Transformer-3054015439Internal Transformer-30540154393054015439
RS-232 Adaptor Cable (9F-7F) - GF/GB to AE 403-7004016801RS-232 Adaptor Cable (9F-7F) - GF/GB to AE 403-70040168017004016801