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PT Platforms

The PT platform scale is designed to weigh pallets, crates and large containers on warehouse and factory floors. PT platforms are compatible with several Adam indicators that can be used for checkweighing, parts counting and dynamic animal weighing.
Warranty 3 years

Key Specifications

2500lb / 1000kg to 10000lb / 4500kg
0.5lb / 0.2kg to 2lb / 1kg


Parts countingParts counting
Dynamic / animal weighingDynamic / animal weighing


Multiple Weighing unitsMultiple Weighing units
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External Calibration
External calibration allows verification and adjustment with weights.
Diamond-plate surface
These large PT bases offer a diamond-plate textured surface for increased traction.
Designed with Durability in Mind
All PT platforms are supported by a reinforced frame beneath the platform, allowing the scale to accommodate substantial loads.
Optional Ramps
Optional ramps as accessories provide easy access and are tailor-made to fit the exact size of each platform.

PT industrial platform scales offer durability, quality construction and ease of use for weighing oversized or heavy objects on warehouse floors.

The PT features a large, steel base with a diamond plate surface, adjustable levelling feet and cable. Optional ramps facilitate loading and unloading heavy objects.

Adam offers a range of weight and counting indicators that can be combined with PT platforms, including the GK, GC and AE403 for expanded weighing applications that include checkweighing, parts counting and dynamic animal weighing.

For more information about our range of PT platform scales or associated indicators, please contact us.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged construction stands up to industrial use
  • Diamond-plate surface for added grip
  • Optional ramps facilitate loading and unloading
  • Can be used with any Adam indicators
  • Approximately five-meter/15-foot shielded cable
  • A 3-year warranty means quality assured for years of use.


Pan Size
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PTaM Approved Platforms-PT 112MPT 112M2500lb / 1500kg0.5lb / 0.2kg47.2" x47.2" / 1200x1200mm
PT Platforms-PT 110PT 1102500lb / 1000kg0.5lb / 0.2kg39.4" x39.4" / 1000x1000mm
PT Platforms-PT 310-5PT 310-55000lb / 3000kg1lb / 0.5kg39.4" x39.4" / 1000x1000mm
PT Platforms-PT 310-10PT 310-1010000lb / 4500kg2lb / 1.0kg39.4" x39.4" / 1000x1000mm
PT Platforms-PT 112PT 1122500lb / 1000kg0.5lb / 0.2kg47.2" x47.2" / 1200x1200mm
PT Platforms-PT 312-5PT 312-55000lb / 3000kg1lb / 0.5kg47.2" x47.2" / 1200x1200mm
PT Platforms-PT 312-10PT 312-1010000lb / 4500kg2.0lb / 1.0kg47.2" x47.2" / 1200x1200mm
PT Platforms-PT 115PT 1152500lb / 1000kg0.5lb / 0.2kg59.1" x59.1" / 1500x1500mm
PT Platforms-PT 315-5PT 315-55000lb / 3000kg1lb / 0.5kg59.1" x59.1" / 1500x1500mm
PT Platforms-PT 315-10PT 315-1010000lb / 4500kg2lb / 1.0kg59.1" x59.1" / 1500x1500mm
PTaM Approved Platforms-PT 312-5MPT 312-5M5000lb / 3000kg1lb / 0.5kg47.2" x47.2" / 1200x1200mm


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