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Adam products combine solid construction and intuitive operation with a value price point, which is essential for an industry well known for its astronomical startup costs.


The botanicals industry offers great potential but can be difficult to navigate. Trust Adam Equipment to help guide you.



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What Is NTEP and What Does It Mean For Dispensaries?

So your state legalized botanicals and you’re going to open a dispensary. You know you’ll need scales to weigh your products, but you keep hearing the term NTEP and you’re not sure what that is. Let’s take a look at NTEP approval and what it means!


Edibles & Dosing: How QC Can Ensure the Correct Potency of Botanical Products

Quality control and consistency isn’t really something that’s typically been a concern with botanical products of the past. However, with botanicals and CBD products making their way to the mainstream through both medicinal and recreational channels, manufacturers are now more concerned than ever with maintaining standards and meeting local regulations to make sure that the products they produce are acceptable and traceable. Balances used for weighing out samples are much more important in this process to provide monitoring from seed to sale.

Frequently asked questions

There isn’t one type of scale that can be classified as a botanical scale. Many different types of scales can be used within the industry, depending on exactly what product is being weighed (such as flower), the segment of the industry and even state and local laws. For questions about what type of scale you need, contact us.

Because industry requirements vary by state, there isn’t necessarily a single answer to this. Most U.S. states require a minimum of a Class II scale, meaning a scale that displays results from 1mg to 50mg (0.05g) and has 10,000 – 100,000 divisions, or better.

The types of scales you’ll need depend on which segment of the industry your business will be operating within.

  • Dispensaries rely on Adam Equipment legal-for-trade precision balances to accurately weigh flower, critical for both the buyer and seller at such a high price per ounce.
  • Moisture analyzers from Adam make it simple to ensure that the plant is properly cured to avoid fungi and mold from too much or too little moisture.
  • Edibles processing and manufacturing facilities use Adam lab balances in quality assurance testing, to achieve consistent production quality (including proper levels of THC) and to ensure items meet legal standards.
  • For growers and edibles manufacturers, Adam's platform scales, floor scales and hanging scales are used to safely weigh pallets and containers of all shapes and sizes.


Adam Equipment sells weighing products and accessories through a network of authorized resellers and does not sell directly to the botanical/CBD industry. We recognize that the U.S. federal government currently classifies the plant’s THC-rich products as Schedule 1 substances and we do not support, encourage or promote any illegal use, cultivation or sale of psychoactive products of any kind. Adam Equipment products are intended to be used only in compliance with all applicable laws.