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Legal-for-Trade/Approved Scales

Adam Equipment offers a selection of legal-for-trade scales, meaning scales that are approved for measuring the weight used to determine a price for a product being sold by weight. While regulations and requirements vary by state, a common requirement when selling by weight in thebotanicals market is that the scale should be Class II, which displays results from 1mg to 50mg (0.05g) and has 10,000 – 100,000 divisions, or better.

Our Products

Legal-for-Trade/Approved Scales

  1. Highland® Approved Portable Precision Balances

    Highland approved portable precision balances contain practical features that simplify legal-for-trade measurement, lab work, field testing, and commercial use. NTEP-approved balances are ideal for jewelers, chemists and pharmacists, as well as for use in other commercial applications.

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    Capacity : 600g to 5000g

    Readability : 0.01g to 0.1g

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  2. GFK-M Approved Floor Checkweighing Scales

    With large platforms, high capacities and grade 304 stainless steel pans, GFK and GFK-M scales are ideal for demanding industrial use, including food processing and manufacturing tasks. The GFK-M version is approved for selling by weight.

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    Capacity : 150lb / 60kg to 1320kb /600kg

    Readability : 0.01lb/ 5g to 0.1lb / 0.05kg

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  3. GBK-M Approved Bench Checkweighing Scales

    Ideal for industrial settings, GBK and GBK-M checkweighing scales are the answer for businesses needing heavy-duty durability and speed. With grade 304 stainless steel pans and rugged, non-slip rubber feet, these scales perform well in demanding environments.

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    Capacity : 15lb / 6kg to 300lb / 150kg

    Readability : 0.0002lb / 2g to 0.05lb / 0.02kgg

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  4. Raven™ Price Computing Retail Scales

    Simple to use, the Raven offers 40 PLU memories, which are accessible directly from the keypad for quick product recall. The backlit display shows both operator and customer the weight, unit price and total price.

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    Capacity : 3lb to 60lb

    Readability : 0.001lb to 0.01lb

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  5. WBZ Washdown Retail Scales

    The WBZ washdown retail scale features durable stainless steel housing and IP-66 rated waterproof housing, making it ideal for processing, preparing and packaging food. The backlit display provides weight, price per unit and total cost. WBZ is NTEP and Measurement Canada approved.

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    Capacity : 15lb / 6kg

    Readability : 0.005lb / 0.002kg

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