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6VDC 4.5Ah Battery-302405088
12VDC 800mA Adapter (United Kingdom)-302409156
12VDC 800mA Adapter (European Union)-302409157
12VDC 800mA Adapter (South Africa)-302409158
12VDC 800mA Power Supply, no tip-3034013767
Plug Tip (United States), attaches to 3034013767-3034013768
Indicator (MDW 300L)-700000133
Base (MDW 250L)-700100143
Metal Top Pan-700100145
Pillar (MDW 250L)-700100148
Load Cell, 350kg-700100244
Base (MDW / MCW 300L)-700100246
Height Rod Holder (MDW 250L)-700100144
Height Rod Support, Upper (MDW 300L)-700100247
Height Rod, 210cm (MDW 250L)-700100146
Height Rod, 210cm (MDW 300L)-700100248
Pillar (MDW 300L)-700100249
Height Rod Support (lower)-700100258
Pillar Bracket (MDW 250L)-700120004
Indicator Assembly (MDW 250L)-700200048
Plastic Platform Cover-700200049
Wheel Assembly (MDW 300L)-700200078
Packaging (MDW 250L)-700300012
Packaging (MDW 300L)-700300020
PCB Board (MDW 250L)-700400037
On / Off Switch-700400064
Display PCB Board w/ RS-232 (MDW / MCW 300L)-700400066
Power Socket-700400074
Overlay (MDW 250L)-700560015
Overlay (MDW 300L)-700200077