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6VDC 4.5Ah Battery
12VDC 800mA Adapter (United Kingdom)
12VDC 800mA Adapter (European Union)
12VDC 800mA Adapter (South Africa)
12VDC 800mA Power Supply, no tip
Plug Tip (United States), attaches to 3034013767
Indicator (MDW 300L)
Base (MDW 250L)
Metal Top Pan
Pillar (MDW 250L)
Load Cell, 350kg
Base (MDW / MCW 300L)
Height Rod Holder (MDW 250L)
Height Rod Support, Upper (MDW 300L)
Height Rod, 210cm (MDW 250L)
Height Rod, 210cm (MDW 300L)
Pillar (MDW 300L)
Height Rod Support (lower)
Pillar Bracket (MDW 250L)
Indicator Assembly (MDW 250L)
Plastic Platform Cover
Wheel Assembly (MDW 300L)
Packaging (MDW 250L)
Packaging (MDW 300L)
PCB Board (MDW 250L)
On / Off Switch
Display PCB Board w/ RS-232 (MDW / MCW 300L)
Power Socket
Overlay (MDW 250L)
Overlay (MDW 300L)