Adam Equipment has introduced its AZextra retail scales to Wakaberry frozen yoghurt shops in South Africa. The scales are approved by South Africa's National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and provide weighing and price computing for retailers who sell products by weight, such as Wakaberry.

NRCS-approved scales such as the AZextra help protect both consumers and retailers against fraud and costly errors. Approved weighing equipment must undergo regular inspections and compliance checks performed by certified laboratories.

The AZextra is ideal for Wakaberry stores, as their pricing is based on weight, according to Maryna Olivier, regional manager of Adam Equipment's South Africa office. Customers pay accordingly for the amount of yoghurt they want to purchase.

"Adam Equipment's AZextra scale offers the best solution for their needs," Ms. Olivier said. "It calculates costs for retail weighing, it's easy to clean, and delivers an all-around excellent value for Wakaberry shops."

AZextra displays weight, unit price and total price on front and back panels simultaneously. This allows both the scale operator and purchaser to view information and verify quantity and pricing, boosting customer satisfaction.

Buyers are more likely to trust retailers like Wakaberry who follow the law and use approved scales. Correct measurements are essential to customer satisfaction and encourage regular clientele, as buyers are reassured that they're getting what they pay for. The AZextra provides a level indicator and adjustable levelling feet to accommodate for uneven surfaces, helping to guarantee reliable weighing and calculations.

The internal memory on the AZextra scale stores up to 103 product look-ups, which is helpful for Wakaberry stores, as they offer a wide selection of yoghurt flavors and toppings. Time, date, weight, unit price and total cost transmit easily to printers, allowing the store to keep records, track orders, and perform purchasing and inventory tasks.

Colour-coded for easy operation, the keypad is carefully sealed, so it's easy to wipe off sticky fingerprints. The large stainless steel pan is adequately sized to hold all types of yoghurt containers, whether they're cones, cups or dishes. Any drips or spills that land on the pan can be easily cleaned up, so users can keep work areas tidy. This is important, as shops that sell food must also adhere to health and sanitary guidelines.

The popularity of frozen yoghurt has skyrocketed, as it provides a healthier alternative to ice cream. With nearly 40 shops in South Africa, Wakaberry was founded in May 2011 and offers traditionally fermented frozen yoghurt. Patrons serve themselves, choosing from a variety of yoghurt flavors and toppings.

Adam Equipment, a manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, offers a range of quality scales and balances for use in the food service industry. Operating with either AC power or battery, food service scales from Adam meet the needs of commercial food environments.

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