Adam Equipment retail scales help businesses of all kinds to provide fast, accurate weighing for both customers and users. Nowhere is that better showcased than with the mobile zero waste business Topup Truck. Adam's SWZ Swift has been helping Ella Shone and the team to weigh out and sell their items, and in this case study, we’re going to take a look at how it helps their business stay afloat.

Topup Truck

An Introduction to the Swift

The SWZ Swift Price Computing Retail Scale is one of our most popular weighing scales and it combines a high-quality, durable build with plenty of built-in features to help ensure weighing and pricing tasks remain accurate, fast and simple.

The Swift features an impressive 100 PLU’s so that customers can recall their most used items – a feature that is especially useful for stores that sell many different products and different prices. There is also a fully rechargeable battery for weighing in areas without direct access to power.

On the outside, a smooth, wipeable weighing pan and surface means that any spillages can easily be cleaned up to help ensure a hygienic weighing experience.

To use the Swift, simply add an item to the scale, and then, based on the weight of the item and your cost per kilo, cost per 100g or cost per pound, the scale will display the price for the item to both user (at the front of the scale) and customer. Users also have the option of connecting their Swift to a computer or printer via the RS-232 interface or optional USB interface.


Introducing Topup Truck

Award-winning company Topup Truck converted a Smiths Cabac electric milk float into a mobile zero waste shop, complete with 150 household essentials. This has been done with the aim of reducing household plastic waste and to create a positive experience for the North London community. It also aims to make waste free living more accessible by bringing the shop to the customer to make transporting goods home easier – an issue that can be difficult for many Londoners who do not own a car.

Topup Truck can be booked via the website to come to an area near you, or customers can keep track of where it’s already due to visit. Once you know to find it, users simply bring their own containers, jars or bottles and fill up on a wide range of essentials, including toothpaste, sweets, flour, rice and more.

Products are then accurately weighed out and priced using the SWZ Swift Price Computing Retail Scale, which Topup Truck described as “absolutely meeting our needs” when dealing with everyday use.

What Topup Truck Thought of the SWZ Swift

Easy to use

In a customer-facing business, it’s crucial that your weighing scale remains easy to use for both staff and customers, and the Swift is exactly that. Ella from Topup Truck praised the scale for its “ease of operation that makes the scale very simple for staff and customers to use.” An uncomplicated user interface enables users of all skill levels to get the most from their Swift, while front and rear displays for price, overall weight and total cost mean that staff and customers can see every part of a transaction.

Durable Design

There was also praise for the build quality of the Swift, with Ella championing the durable design as one of the most important aspects of the scale. The Swift is made from a tough ABS plastic housing with a stainless steel weighing pan, making for a robust scale that can deal with rigorous use and can easily be wiped down and cleaned when needed.

High Accuracy

In the retail and commercial industry, it’s crucial that your weighing scale delivers accurate weighing data to ensure that your customers are getting exactly what they pay for. The Swift was described by Topup as being highly accurate: even after intensive use and transportation when it could be counted on the deliver dependable weighing and pricing data.

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