TBB Balances from Adam Equipment are right choice for science teachers and quick mechanical weighing.

All of Adam triple beam balances feature a solid metal housing durable for any classroom activities as well as a stainless steel platform.

They come with rulers in cm and inches for quick measurements whilst weighing.

There are three sliding weights which are notched to make sure the weight stays where it’s needed.

An adjustable zero knob allows fine tuning of the zero range and a weigh below hook is included for below balance weighing.

Adam Triple Beam Balances are available in different configurations:

  • The basic TBB 610S model weighs up to 610g
  • The TBB 2610S includes weights to take the balance to 2610g capacity and tripod legs to allow for easier specific gravity calculations
  • The TBB 2610T includes the features of the TBB 2610S but adds a tare bar enabling users to tare out up to 225grams.

Adam Equipment triple beam balances offer the right balance of speed, performance and value for your everyday weighing tasks.