Gladiator Indicator Covered in Soap

When it comes to the food & beverage production industry, cleanliness is of the utmost importance - and there's rarely room for down-time. Given that weighing ingredients - and keeping the weighing scales you use clean - can be quite messy, it's important to use a suitable scale that can withstand harsh environments and won't let you down. Enter the Adam Equipment waterproof scale.

1.     NSF Certified

The most important benefit of our waterproof scales is that they're NSF Approved! All our washdown and waterproof products meet strict standards for public health protection. You can use them when dealing with food and beverages safely.

Adam Aqua ABW-S IP68 Bench Scale weighing dragon fruit

2.     Fully Protected from Water Ingress

Waterproof scales are washdown scales, but not all washdown scales are waterproof scales. A waterproof scale is a scale that has an ingress protection (IP) rating of at least 68. This means that it’s fully protected against solids (the 6) and liquids (the 8) getting inside and messing up the hardware. You can immerse a waterproof scale with an IP68 rating in depths of water over one meter for an extended period. For more information about IP ratings, check out our blog.

Adam waterproof scales include the Aqua Stainless Steel Waterproof bench scale as well as the Gladiator series of bench and floor scales. Both are fully equipped to handle dirty, wet, dusty, or humid environments with ease.

There’s not going to be much need to fully dunk your weighing scale in a meter’s worth of water. However, many ingredients and drinks are made of liquid and accidents happen! If there are any spillages, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your waterproof scale. Dry or wet, it will operate exactly as it was designed.

3.     Exceptionally Easy to Clean

A second benefit of waterproof scales is that when those pesky spills happen, they’re extremely easy to clean. IP68 rated waterproof scales can handle low temperature jets. If you need to take your scale out back and hose it down, your scale will be perfectly fine.

Adam Gladiator IP68 rated bench scale covered in water

Cross contamination can also become a real issue, especially when dealing with perishables like meat, fish, or dairy. Scales used for weighing these items should be cleaned thoroughly with soap or gentle cleansers every day to maintain hygiene standards. This way, you’ll protect consumers from the threat of food poisoning or unhealthy bacteria caused by build-up on a dirty food scale.

We have seven tips for cleaning your washdown scale – you can read them in this blog.

4.     Extremely Durable Construction

We’ve established that waterproof scales are protected from water, which makes them durable right off the bat. However, our waterproof scales are all constructed from high-quality Grade 304 stainless steel, which has quite a few benefits in and of itself.

Many components of the foods and beverages we eat and drink are acidic, and could cause damage to a less durable scale over time. Grade 304 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, so frequent contact with corrosive liquids will not be a hindrance to your operations.

Adam Aqua ABW-S IP68 rated bench scale stainless steel

In general, metals like mild steel or cast-iron rust easily when left in contact with liquids for too long. Stainless steel is much less susceptible to rusting. Our Aqua ABW-S features stainless steel housing and pan, making it durable top to toe. The Gladiator series is constructed from a stainless-steel platform from our W Series as well as our stainless steel IP68 AE 403 indicator, both of which can be purchased individually.

Such a durable metal also allows for them to hold more weight, allowing for the exceptional capacity range of 16lb/8kg to 330lb/160kg on the Gladiator and 9lb/4kg to 70lb/32kg on the Aqua ABW-S.

Along with their operational benefits, our waterproof scales also look highly professional on your benchtop. The shiny stainless steel and sleek design are sure to dress up any workspace.

5.     Able to Be Used Outdoors

Our Aqua ABW-S and Gladiator waterproof weighing scales boast rechargeable batteries. This can be an extremely helpful feature when harvesting fruits and vegetables at a farm, orchard, or vineyard. Harvesting staff can effectively organize produce by weight, which any grocery store or farmer’s market may appreciate.

If every box of produce weighs about the same, or if you organize the produce from heaviest to lightest, this makes it easier to calculate prices later. Our Gladiator series also offers NTEP Approved models, so you can legally use them to set prices for your products according to weight.

The inherent durability of our waterproof scales, with their protection against water, dirt, and corrosion, make them perfect outdoor tools. Is it starting to rain? No need to pack up your scale. Are the potatoes a bit dirty? Get as much off as you can – dirt has weight too – but if your scale gets a bit messy in the process, no problem! Hose it off your scale when you have the chance.

6.     Multifunctional

Our waterproof scales aren’t only waterproof scales, they also offer additional applications to help make your day to day in the food & beverage industry a bit easier. Our Aqua Stainless offers checkweighing, percentage weighing and parts counting, while our Gladiator range offers those as well as check counting, dynamic/animal weighing, and a helpful Hold function.

These applications can be exceptionally helpful in the food and drink industry. Dynamic weighing and the hold function on the Gladiator can be particularly useful when dealing with cans, bottles or barrels filled with liquid. Since it’s moving around inside, you don’t want to have to wait for the liquids to settle before weighing, so the dynamic weighing feature takes an average weight to solve this issue.

Adam Gladiator IP68 Floor and Bench Scale checkweighing indicator

Checkweighing can be used to help make sure that each completed product, such as peach pies, are within acceptable limits and not under or over filled. Parts counting can help pack bags or boxes with the same amount of product – bags of candy should have the same number of pieces in each!

Our waterproof scales feature these applications for your convenience; however, if you’re using these applications on a day-to-day basis, we recommend investing in dedicated checkweighing or counting scales. To learn more about whether you need a checkweighing scale or a part counting scale instead of a weighing scale that has these features, read the blogs linked here!

7.     Fantastic Value for Money

Waterproof scales are inherently convenient, improving operational efficiency with less effort and fuss. They look great and they have superior longevity, preventing you from needing to frequently replace your scale. A slightly higher price is worth long-lasting peace of mind. Our Aqua ABW-S comes equipped with an impressive three-year manufacturer’s warranty, while our Gladiator range offers an excellent five-year warranty! We trust our products, so can you.


Do you need help deciding on a waterproof scale? Contact us for help.