With capacities that can accommodate ten-thousand pounds or forty-five hundred kilograms, PT platform scales provide a durable weighing solution for industrial, manufacturing, commercial and mining applications.

Rugged construction and low-profile design simplify loading and unloading pallets, crates and large containers. Perfectly sized for a pallet, the PT can be situated in a recessed pit. Optional ramps provide easy access and are tailor-made to fit the exact size of each platform.

PT platform offers features to help increase stability and ensure safety. For improved traction, the large steel base contains a diamond-plate textured surface. Four sturdy levelling feet are adjustable to compensate for uneven weighing surfaces. The PT is supported by a reinforced frame beneath the platform, allowing the scale to accommodate substantial loads.

The PT comes with a ten-foot-long shielded cable and is compatible with a variety of indicators, including Adam Equipment’s GK or AE 402 indicators. The AE402 indicator is constructed of stainless steel and is sealed for use in dusty or wet environments. The GK indicator offers a full keypad for entering preset tares or samples for parts counting.

Approved PT platform scales are ideal for use in legal for trade applications. Models are available with NTEP, NRCS and EC-typed approvals for the United States, Europe and South Africa.

Strong and reliable, PT platform scales capably perform heavy-duty weighing and counting tasks in demanding settings worldwide.