Adam’s Nimbus balances deliver Sky-High Performance with Down-to-Earth Value. Nimbus offers analytical and precision models with a compact footprint and intuitive user interface.

With four analytical models and eleven precision top loaders, Nimbus delivers results from one tenth of a milligram to one tenth of a gram, with capacities up to twenty-two kilograms.

To reduce errors from air movement, Nimbus analytical balances are equipped with a glass-enclosed weighing chamber that can be disassembled for cleaning.  Models with 0.001g readability come with a removable round glass shield.

The solid metal housing provides a stable base for outstanding precision weighing in labs or variable field environments.

USB and RS-232 interfaces connect to computers and printers, streamlining data collection and analysis. All data conforms to Good Laboratory Practices.

The backlit display is easy to read and features a unique capacity tracker that indicates used and available capacity while you work.

Nimbus balances can display results in several different weighing units depending on your needs.  You can disable unwanted weighing units to avoid weight reading errors.

Measuring the density of liquids or solids is simple with built-in software that guides you through the calculation process.

For precision weighing Nimbus is designed to weather the storm in demanding laboratories. Experience the Nimbus by Adam Equipment.