This thermochemistry experiment tracks the movement of heat during an experiment incorporating measurement, data collection, data analysis, and drawing conclusions.

This printable education experiment contains both a detailed teachers' guide, and a student section with question and answer sheets for printing and distributing in the classroom.

Age Level

This experiment is designed for ages 13-18. It can be adapted for physical science or introductory chemistry classes.


  1. Science as inquiry.
  2. Physical science.
  3. Data analysis, probability and discrete mathematics.
  4. Energy diagrams for reactions.
  5. State functions.


  1. To show how the enthalpy of a reaction changes when the reaction’s is modified.
  2. To apply the Law of Conservation of energy to a series of related reactions.
  3. To use an energy diagram to explain Hess's Law.
  4. To interpret Hess's Law.

Activity Overview

Chemical reactions can be classified into major categories of reactions: synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, and combustion. This lab illustrates different types of reactions. Students will write a balanced equation for each reaction and predict the identity of the products. After writing a balanced chemical equation for the reaction, they will respond to additional questions.