Latitude compact bench scales deliver speed, performance and exceptional value for industrial weighing, counting and checkweighing applications.

Results are displayed in under one and a half(1 ½) seconds, speeding up readings and processing time for production, warehouse, or field use. 

Four Latitude models offer capacities from three(3) kilograms to thirty(30) kilograms and readabilities from zero point five(0.5) grams to five(5) grams.

To simplify checkweighing, Latitude’s three(3) coloured LEDs show if the weight is over, under or within set limits. An audible alarm can be set to alert the user either if the item is with in the limit or outside of the limits.

Parts counting with the Latitude is fast and efficient using preset sample sizes. Simply weigh the sample and add parts to get a total count.

The hold function retains the last weight on the display so users can easily record results.

Percentage weighing allows you to determine the weight of an item as a percentage of the reference weight.

Latitude offers several power options. The Latitude runs on a rechargeable battery that offers two-hundred forty(240) hours of operation. It also can be powered by the included adapter.

For greater portability, Latitude can be operated or charged with any USB power source, such as a portable battery pack or a car USB port.

The sleek, compact design of Latitude includes a contoured weighing pan and adjustable feet. Coloured keys allow fast recognition of the most frequently used functions.