AE 403 on Stand

How to put the AE 403 indicator on a stand

Putting your 403 indicator on a stand ensures it’s still portable (unlike when it’s fixed to a wall) and consistently at eye level. In this guide, we’ll show you how to attach the indicator to the stand.

Included with the indicator stand:

AE403 Parts for Stand Attachment a) Metal collar
b) Adaptive collar
c) Allen key
d) 4 screws
e) 4 washers
f) 1 bolt
g) 1 tightening knob (spare part)

Included with the indicator:

AE 403 Parts Bracket, Collar & Screwdriver I - Mounting bracket
II  - 2 turning knobs
III - 2 screws

IMPORTANT: You need a flathead screwdriver to put these together. The screwdriver is NOT included with the mounting hardware.

Step 1

Unbox the indicator and all the parts.

Make sure all the small pieces are accounted for.

Grab a flathead screwdriver (not included).

AE 403 All Parts

Step 2

Take the mounting bracket of the indicator.

Metal Collar & Bracket

Step 3

Take the metal collar. You want to fix the collar to the bracket

Metal Collar Under Bracket

Step 4

Align the metal collar with the holes at the center of the indicator’s metal mounting bracket. The metal collar should be under the bracket like so.

The metal collar has a hole to the side, which should align to the back of the indicator. The hole should also be closer to the metal bracket.

Screw for Metal Bracket

Step 5

Align the washer pieces with the holes. Place the screws in each of the holes, and tighten by hand to make sure they don’t fall out.

Fixing Metal Support Collar to Bracket

Step 6

Using the Allen key, tighten the screws to make sure the ring is well fixed.

Using the Allen Key to Tighten Screws

Step 7

After the ring is screwed to the indicator, align the holes on the side of the indicator and the side of the metal bracket.

There are 2 screw holes on the side of the indicator. The screw should be inserted into the hole in the middle of the side of the indicator.

Attaching the Handle Bracket to AE 403

Step 8

Screw the indicator to the metal bracket with a screwdriver.

Fixing the Metal Bracket to AE 403

Step 9

Take the black knob, and tighten to the hole above by hand.

Attaching Black Knob to Indicator

Step 10

Repeat this procedure on the other side.

Attaching Black Knob to Indicator

Step 11

Take the metal adaptive collar.

Parts for Fixing Adaptive Metal Collar to Bracket

Step 12

Push it in the indicator’s metal collar.

AE 403 Indicator with Adaptive Metal Collar

Step 13

Once it’s firmly attached, you can slide the indicator on the stand. Slide the metal adaptive collar in the black tube.

Fixing AE 403 to Stand

Step 14

You’re almost done! On the back of the metal collar, there is a hole. Place a bolt in the hole, and tighten it. This will attach the indicator to the stand.

Placing Indicator on Stand
Fixing Indicator on Stand into Place
Indicator Fixed into Place with Screw

How to attach the AE503/504/GK/GC indicator to an indicator stand

  1. Unscrew the bracket holder at the bottom of the grey mount.
  2. Slide the adaptive bracket in.
  3. Screw the bracket holder back on.
  4. Slide the indicator to the bracket. Make sure it’s securely fixed. You should hear a pop when it’s attached.

To learn more about Adam indicators and the products they are compatible with, please see our designated weighing indicators section or contact us directly for more information.

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