It’s an unlikely duet: a guitar company and a scale and balance manufacturer. But this song has a happy intro, a pleasing interlude and no end to the music being played. PRS Guitars, headquartered in Stevensville, Md., selected Adam Equipment’s Dune compact balance as its first choice to weigh the pigment that goes into the production of its highly prized, hand-made guitars.

PRS checked around and did its homework, finally arriving at the decision to purchase the Dune. According to Marc Quigley, PRS spokesman, the balance provided the right combination of value and quality for its needs.

“We were looking for a rugged, simple, and affordable device that could take some punishment in our production system, the Dune seemed like the smart choice.”

– Marc Quigley, PRS spokesman

Music to your ears — value and versatility

The Dune offers features that many other scales don’t have for a far lower price, said Tom Storey, Adam Equipment vice president.

“Its lightweight design and portability were key factors in their choice,”

– Tom Storey, Adam Equipment vice president

The Dune can be either battery-powered or plugged into an outlet with its included AC adapter. This means it can work anywhere in the factory, which made the Dune attractive to PRS. Not only that, it’s simple to operate and takes up very little space on the bench. The Dune offers a large, back-lit display that’s clear and very easy to read, which is ideal for PRS.

“It’s perfect for our needs, and our workers really like the simplicity and speed of operation. The fact that it’s easy to use is great. It makes our workers more productive, which means we can focus on the quality of the finish. That’s something we’re known for with our guitars”

– Marc Quigley, PRS spokesman

Tuned in to quality and precision

Founded by Paul Reed Smith in September 1985, PRS prides itself in producing guitars that are well-known in the industry, guitars that are not only musical instruments but also collectable works of art. Some of the more notable artists who have played PRS guitars include Jimmy Buffett , Al DiMeola, Carlos Santana, John Fogerty, Axl Rose (Guns and Roses), Stephen Stills, Daryl Hall (Hall and Oates), Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls), Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Melissa Etheridge, Michael Bolton, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Ricky Skaggs and Ted Nugent.

Finishing guitars: the grand finale

Back at PRS, a worker called a “pastewood grain filler” sets up the Dune in preparation for measuring the custom mixed pigment that tints the finishes for its guitars. The scale comes into play during the first stages of the finish process, where the finish is applied to add color, beauty, and function to the guitars’ open grain woods. Once the work is completed in the woodshop, pigment is applied to a neutral filler that is tinted to specifications and carefully applied to each guitar by hand.

“We use the scale to accurately measure pigments for our grain filling process. The Dune’s accuracy is important, because that’s what helps us ensure the consistency in our colors.”

– Marc Quigley, PRS spokesman

Brown and black mixes are the most popular tints because they subtly enhance the natural grain and beauty of the wood, Quigley added. The pigment needs to be very precisely measured to obtain just the right color. That’s where the Dune shines. Its accuracy is unrivaled for its low cost and you just can’t find a better balance for the price.

Ringing endorsements like those coming from PRS are familiar music to Adam’s ears. Adam Equipment has been producing a variety of scales and balances since 1972, and this application is just one of many success stories bandied about through the years. The company has worked in tandem with other manufacturers and distributors, providing scales and balances to suit any need that arises and to accommodate every possible application imaginable.

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