Designed for food service, catering, food preparation, and classroom weighing needs, Astro compact portioning scales offer easy operation and a full serving of features.

With capacities ranging from 2000g to 8000g, the Astro is ideal for measuring food portions or quantities of ingredients for recipes. Solid, one-piece construction and stainless steel housing are easy to clean and can withstand demanding food processing tasks. A durable grade 304 stainless steel pan accommodates ingredients or a weighing container. Astro is simple to operate, with only two buttons that provide ready access to the weighing units and allow the unit to be tared quickly. The weight is displayed in decimals, enabling quick calculations for large recipes and batch cooking.

Results are shown in green on the Astro’s large LCD. If too much weight is placed on the scale, the green figures change to red, alerting the user. Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components. The Astro can be used in almost any location, as it is powered by an AC adapter or two triple A batteries.

Astro delivers performance, durability and value for food-related weighing tasks. From small kitchens to large restaurant chains, from mid-sized catering companies to fast-food franchises, the Astro caters to your food weighing needs.