OXFORD, Conn., February 10, 2022 -- Adam Equipment, a leading worldwide manufacturer of professional scales and balances, is expanding its Cruiser family of products in March with the introduction of the new Cruiser CDT dual counting scale that easily allows the user to expand its capacity as their needs change.

Available in five models ranging in capacity from 8lb/4kg to 100lb/48kg and readabilities from 0.0002lb / 0.0001kg to 0.005lb / 0.002kg, CDT differentiates itself from most counting scales on the market with the ability to connect a second, optional weighing platform. With the addition of the auxiliary platform, CDT’s capacity can be greatly expanded to accommodate a variety of uses: while CDT itself provides superior speed and accuracy for counting applications, the auxiliary platform can handle bulk parts.

While CDT is compatible with an extensive variety of bases, Adam Equipment’s GF and GB ranges are ideal. For example, when working with a larger piece weight that has very little variation in weight from piece-to-piece, a good option would be a CDT 48 paired with a high-capacity GF base. However, for a small piece weight with little variation in weight from piece-to-piece, a customer would benefit from pairing a CDT 4 with a lower-capacity GB base. The choice of pairings depends on the user’s needs. With a list price of only $695, CDT offers a better value than many dual scale competitors in the market.

In addition to the less expensive price tag, it also provides better communication via an optional USB output that many competitive products lack. Succeeding the popular CBD scale, CDT improves upon its predecessor with larger displays (for Weight, Unit Weight and Count) and easier-to-read digits (1.6” / 40mm tall), a larger pan and upgraded electronics for a superior weighing experience. CDT’s memory allows users to store up to 100 PLUs for managing frequently used parts. Durable ABS housing and a generous 11.8” x 8.3” / 300 x 210 mm Grade 304 stainless steel pan allow CDT to handle demands from warehouses and fulfillment centers to manufacturing facilities in temperatures that range from 14° to 140°F / -10° to 40°C.

The versatile CDT – which can be powered by either an included adapter or an internal rechargeable battery – can run off its long-lasting rechargeable battery for up to 70 hours between charges for flexibility in usage. CDT is ideal for quick, accurate bulk counting, including inventory and order-picking applications. Each model delivers results in grams, kilograms and pounds.

In addition to Cruiser CDT dual counting scales, the Cruiser family also includes Cruiser CCT bench counting scales and Cruiser CKT bench checkweighing scales.

To learn more about the CDT range, visit www.adamequipment.com/cdt-dual-counting-scales.


About Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022, designs and manufactures precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide. Adam Equipment’s global distribution network serves the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, legal cannabis, food, and animal/veterinary markets. Its head office is in Milton Keynes, England and has extensive operations and holdings in the United States, China, Australia, South Africa and Germany.