Whether for business or pleasure, purchasing products has never been easier. Technology has streamlined the procedure, facilitating the consumer's ability to shop for items and receive them within a day. Shoppers today can order products by mail, phone, fax or computer and avoid the hassle of driving to a store.

For those companies, keeping up with the volume can be a struggle. A sudden and unexpected increase in orders can spark chaos in the shipping department, resulting in delays, errors and unhappy customers.

NewHaven Software has come up with a solution to the problem, and Adam Equipment is an important part of the equation, according to Russ Horton, NewHaven's product manager. The software company has developed its Commerce Management System (CMS), which is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that need a hand fulfilling the daily volume of orders, Horton said.

For companies that receive daily orders, Horton recommends establishing a dedicated shipping station. Contents of the station can vary depending on individual needs, but generally include a computer, printer, bar code scanner, and scale. The most important component is a computer with specialized shipping software, such as CMS, according to Horton. A reliable scale is imperative in the mix, which is why NewHaven recommends Adam Equipment's CPWplus scale.

"CMS can help them process an average of 50-300 orders daily, with some as high as 10,000 during peak times," Horton said. "Getting the orders out the door is where Adam CPWplus scales fit in," Horton said.

Durable and easy to use, the CPWplus is well-suited to meet the demands and rigors of a busy shipping department. Its versatility is an important feature: the CPWplus can manage a variety of package sizes and weights, Horton said.

"The CPWplus is our ‘go-to' scale, due to its ability to handle both lightweight shipments in ounces, as well as heavier packages," Horton said. "At its price point, and with its features and quality, I don't think there's a better solution."

With simple operation, rugged construction and an easy-to-clean stainless steel pan, the CPWplus brings exceptional value to shipping operations. Solid metal housing provides the durability, stability and precision needed to tackle demanding tasks in any setting, from the factory floor to the warehouse to the shipping department.

The CPWplus indicator is encased in sturdy aluminum and features a four-button keypad and backlit digital display with large, easy-to-read digits. A standard wall mounting bracket is included so the indicator can be positioned for flexible viewing and operation. CPWplus is portable, as it is powered with an AC adapter or batteries.

NewHaven's CMS software provides a shipping interface to make it easy for clients to produce shipping labels after an order has been picked and packed, Horton said. The CPWplus weighs the package and automatically transmits the weight to the software via serial cable or USB. The software sets up the shipment with the appropriate carrier and sends the information to the printer, which generates the shipping label. This can be accomplished in a few seconds, boosting shipping efficiency and accuracy. The CPWplus plays a critical role in the process by quickly providing accurate weight measurements, which also ensures correct customer billing, Horton added.

CPWplus models offer four weighing units and are available in capacities from 13lb/6kg to 660lb/300kg, with readabilities from 0.005lb/2g to 0.2lb/100g. A hold function freezes the displayed weight, allowing ample time to record results.

The CPWplus series comprises five models with choices of configurations, depending on the version. Different models include different features, such as wall mounting bracket, remote indicator, cable, pillar, wheels, handle or handlebar frame.

Based in Redmond, Wash., the company offers three versions of its CMS product to a wide range of business sizes and types, in addition to delivering on-site and Internet-based training, support, consulting, and implementation services.

For additional information on the CPWplus series, go to www.adamequipment.com/cpwplus-weighing-scales.

For more information on NewHaven Software, visit www.newhavensoftware.com.

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