Industrial, heavy duty scales may seem less complex than scientific balances, but it can be tough to find the right features, and to select a scale that can withstand rigorous conditions and demanding daily usage. This post will go over pallet weighing beams and the features that makes them different from other industrial scales.

Pallet weighing beams are composed of two beams with enclosed load cells, joined by an indicator. Our AELP beams have wheels for easy transportation. One great thing about pallet weighing beams is how little space they take when they're not in use. They're also very versatile; users can change the beam configuration to accommodate a variety of crates, containers, platforms and pallets.

AELP Weighing Beams

Features to look for when choosing a pallet beam:

Pallet weighing beams are quite common in industrial settings. If you're looking for a new heavy duty instrument, here are some features you should keep in mind while you search. Don't forget to look at capacity and readability as well; no need to buy something that can go up to 3000kg when you only need to weigh up to 1000kg.

Integrated wheels ensure the beams are easy to move when they're not being used to weigh pallets. The wheels should be sturdy and roll easily. A handle makes transportation even easier.

A shielded cable is a feature on Adam's AELP, and they're a good choice in environments where heavy equipment is used, such as factory floors.

Don't compromise on the load cell. So long as they're adequately built, enclosed channels can house high quality load cells that provide accurate, highly repeatable results while withstanding the rigors of daily warehouse usage.

A low profile makes loading and unloading easier, especially for heavy objects.

Keep in mind the beam's compatibility with weighing scale indicators. The AELP is compatible with all Adam Equipment indicators, so you can pick which features you want.

AELP Pallet Weighing Beams with AE402 Indicator

Where are pallet weighing beams used?

Weighing beams can be used for many heavy duty applications. In warehouses and industrial sectors, they offer a flexible tool that can be used with many different containers, pipes, platforms and other materials. Sometimes, the beams are combined with large platforms to weigh light vehicles and small aircrafts. Farmers often combine weighing beams with special cages to weigh livestock without preventing them from moving or having to sedate them. Zoos and conservation habitats also use weighing beams to weigh large animals without having to tranquilize them or move them too much, which reduces their stress levels and makes the keeper's job easier.

Camel weighing with the AELP Pallet Beams

Camel weighing with the AELP pallet beams at ZSL London Zoo

As you read, weighing beams are very versatile weighing instruments that can be adapted to demanding conditions and existing equipment to make heavy duty weighing jobs easier and safer. They can be used in various industries and can be combined with indicators and platforms to ensure users get all the features they need.

Why we recommend our AELP pallet beams

While we have mentioned some of the many features our AELP has to offer including shielded cables, high-quality load cells and integrated wheels, we believe that the scope of applications that can be performed by the AELP really sets this apart from similar products. Many of our Adam indicators can be easily paired with the AELP which allows the scale to complete parts counting, checkweighing and accumulation applications; making the scale fully customizable depending on the type of weighing features you intend to use. We also have a selection of trade approved scale indicators, that can be used for buying a selling scrap metal by weight in scrapyards, recycling and waste disposable areas.

We hope this guide was helpful in this explanation of important features to look for when shopping for weighing beams. Don't hesitate to contact us, and follow us on social media for more blog posts and news about Adam Equipment.