It’s officially the holiday season! With the holidays comes an increase in consumer spending, which is good news for businesses large and small . Everyone is purchasing gifts for their loved ones as well as a plethora of groceries to prepare for parties and gatherings. Some of those gifts and groceries are priced by weight, which is why Adam’s Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scale is crucial for making this year a true ‘sale’-bration!

If you aren’t familiar, the Swift SWZ is a trade-approved weighing scale that’s designed to help you set prices that change with the weight of a product. Retail scales like the SWZ are commonly used in grocery stores, as well as bakeries, butcher shops, candy stores and delis. These locations see a particular rise in customers approaching Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years, though other non-winter holidays aren’t exempt from this trend.

Why is the SWZ so perfect for your business during the holidays? Let’s look at our top five reasons.

1. Trade Approved

The SWZ is trade approved, which means that it meets the legal requirements for selling goods by weight. If you use a weighing scale without trade approval, you could face some heavy fines if you’re caught. The reason this is so heavily monitored is because trade approved scales like the SWZ are put through a more rigorous testing process to guarantee that they’re accurate. This way, you know that when customers bring up products, they’re getting exactly what they pay for, no more and no less. This ensures fairness on both sides of the transaction – you’re not accidentally giving away too much product, and your customer isn’t getting cheated.

Now, you may be wondering, if you could settle for a regular trade approved scale, why bother with one that performs price computing? The rest of these reasons won’t leave you hanging!

2. 161 PLU's

The most important benefit of our SWZ is that it will give you accurate and consistent pricing every time thanks to its superior memory bank. The Swift SWZ offers 161 PLU’s, or “price look-ups.” PLU’s allow you to take a frequently purchased item and assign it a number you can use to look it up in the scale’s database. Then, you choose what price you would like that item to be according to its weight. For example, you might decide that a ham is $3 per pound. Once this is set, every time a customer brings up a ham for purchase, you can punch in the PLU number, weigh the ham, and the scale will calculate exactly how much the customer should pay.


With the SWZ doing the math for you, there’s no risk of human error or miscalculations. Each customer will get exactly what they pay for, no more and no less. In addition, with an exceptional 161 PLU’s, you won’t have to pick and choose which of your by-weight products to enter in the database – there’s room for them all, so you can trust that each product is in good hands.

3. Easy to Use

Many businesses hire temporary workers over the holidays because they’re so busy. Time to train these new employees may be in short supply. Luckily, the SWZ is simple to operate. After the SWZ is loaded with all the necessary products in the database, we recommend printing a small booklet with all your PLU numbers and their associated products listed for each employee. Memorization may be expected for long-term workers, but temps need a quick and accurate reference guide.

Recalling each PLU is made exceptionally easy with the full numeric keypad and dedicated PLU button. To recall a PLU, simply press the PLU + button, and select Recall on the display. Then, use the keypad to enter in your desired PLU number, and hit Tare to enter. When you place an item on the pan, it will calculate the exact price for the customer to pay. After only five steps per product, each customer is sent on their merry way not only having paid accurate prices but having been checked out quickly and efficiently, which is crucial when you have long checkout lines.

4. Versatile

To get more bang for your buck (or should I say reindeer?), the SWZ is highly versatile. With RS-232 and USB interfaces, the SWZ can be connected to both a printer as well as software like our AdamDU Data Collection Program.

Our printers can be used to provide accurate receipts to customers, listing the unit price, item weight, and price that they paid for their items. Though the printer is an optional accessory, the SWZ is designed especially to accommodate one, with a dedicated Print button.

The AdamDU Data Collection Program is a tool to keep on top of your business’s analytics. If you want to keep track of your sales, AdamDU software is an effective way to do it, thanks to its ability to capture unit weight, piece count, unit price and total price for each transaction. It can also perform real-time statistical analysis on readings, including minimum, maximum, median, mean, variance and standard deviation calculations. Want to know your sales total when the holiday rush dies down? AdamDU makes that possible.

5. Increases Customer Satisfaction

The goal for any business – besides profit – is happy, satisfied customers who want to return and spend more money. Though the SWZ itself may not draw any crowds, the benefits that it brings to businesses have direct impacts that ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Trade approval means that customers can rely on your business to be accurate and trustworthy, as well as accountable for your equipment. Its 161 PLUs and simple operation leads to workers that are performing transactions accurately and efficiently, so each customer is rung up without issues.

In addition, the SWZ features three displays on the front and rear of the scale for weight, unit price and price to pay. For pillar models, the second display is raised on top of the pillar and can be turned to face the customer. This is so both worker and customer are kept duly informed. Its ability to connect to printers allows you to provide receipts to customers for their own records, demonstrating confidence in the scale’s results. Not only that but taking advantage of AdamDU helps you analyze your business’s effectiveness, which can lay the basis for changes that improve the company overall. Customers love to see a business constantly striving to do better!   


Treat yourself this holiday season with the Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scale! Do you have questions about the SWZ? Contact the Adam team for assistance.