CPWplus Weighing Scale with Pillar

Mounting your CPWplus indicator on a stand allows you to keep the display consistently at eye level. In this guide, we’ll show you how to attach the CPWplus indicator to the pillar.

Parts required for assembly:

  • Screwdriver (not included)
  • 4 x small Phillip-head screws
  • 2 x mid-sized screws (black)
  • 1 x large screw
  • 2 x green stoppers
  • 4 x large thumb screws
  • 2 x stainless steel pillar cap screws (silver)
  • Pillar
  • Pillar end-cap (black)

Screwdriver, Screws & Other Parts CPWplus Pillar Parts

Step 1

Remove the top pan from the CPWplus, and flip the scale over. Position the scale so that the cable connection faces you.

Flip Over CPWplus and Remove Top Pan

Step 2

Take the black metal pillar support, and place it against the bottom of the scale. Make sure the beveled screw holes are facing out.

Align Black Metal Support With Top Pan

Step 3

Screw the black metal support on the scale’s platform with the 2 small screws provided. Then, screw the remaining small screws into the black metal support holes to the side of the base.

Screw Black Metal Support to Scale
Screw Black Metal Support to Scale Side

Step 4

Remove the metal bracket from the indicator by taking off the 2 large thumbscrews.

The following step is to feed the cable through the pillar itself.

Take Thumb Screws Off Metal Bracket
Removing Metal Bracket from Indicator

Step 5

Remove the black endcap off the left side of the indicator by unscrewing the 4 Philips head screws.

Remove End-cap from Indicator Left Side

Step 6

Directly inside the now open indicator, you will see a small white rectangular “Molex” cable connecting to the PC-Board. There are 2 hook tabs that keep the cable in place. You need to hold the hooks towards each other before pulling them in order to get the Molex out.

Removing Molex from PC Board
Lifting Molex from PC Board

Step 7

After you pull the Molex out, and the cable is detached, you need to take the black end cap off the top of the pillar before putting the cable through. To do so, remove the 2 screws holding the cap to the pillar. Take off the cap, then pull the cable through.

Unscrewing Black Cap from Pillar

Detaching Black Cap from Pillar

Step 8

Keep feeding the cable until the white Molex connector is attainable through the top of the pillar. Pull the Molex out of the pillar.

Feeding Molex Through Pillar
Feeding Cable Through Pillar

Step 9

Pull the cable through the black cap through the round cutout.

Pull Cable Through Black Cap

Step 10

Put the cap back on, and screw it in again.

Put Pillar Cap Back On
Screw Pillar Cap Back On

Step 11

Flip the CPWplus back to an upright position and put the pillar against the metal support.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the cable is fed clearly through the center of the pillar. The base of the pillar should not be resting on the cable, as it would throw the pillar off balance.

Place Pillar Against Metal Support

Step 12

Slowly and carefully tilt the scale on its side to gain access to the beveled screw holes on the black metal support.

View Beveled Screw Holes on Back of Support

Step 13

Take the long screw and screw it into the single hole closest to the round edge.

Screw Long Screw into Single Hole Closest to Edge

Step 14

Screw in the remaining mid-sized screw in the remaining beveled holes in the black metal support.

Screw Remaining Mid-screw into Black Metal Support

Step 15

Place the scale upright and reconnect the indicator to the white Molex connector. Tabs on the Molex ensure the connector fits properly.

Reconnect Indicator with Molex

Step 16

Pull the wire through the cutout of the indicator.

Pull Wire Through Indicator Cutout

Step 17

Attach the left black cover to the indicator and replace the 4 small Philips head screws.

Attach Left Black Cover to Indicator
Replace the Phillip Screw Heads

Step 18

Make sure to place the wire in the cutout, or you could damage the wire with the bracket when you screw it back on.

Place Wire into Cutout to Prevent Damage

Step 19

Screw the bracket onto the pillar with the thumb screw.

Screw Bracket onto Pillar with Thumb Screw

Step 20

Attach the metal bracket on the indicator to the top of the pillar using the 2 thumb screws.

Attach Metal Bracket on Indicator to Top of Pillar

Step 21

Put the pan back on the scale.

IMPORTANT: When placing the stainless steel pan back on top of the base, make sure the notched side of the pan is facing the pillar.

Place Weighing Pan Back onto Scale