Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, is now offering its AELP pallet beam scales for sale in North and Latin America. The AELP provides an affordable, flexible solution to safely weigh oversized or bulky items, loaded pallets and livestock.

Two models are available: AELP 1000 offers a capacity of 2200lb/1000kg and readability of 0.5lb/0.2kg, while AELP 2000 handles weights up to 4400lb/2000kg, with a readability of 1lb/0.5kg. AELP can be used with most indicators or paired with Adam's GK or AE402 indicators to perform a range of applications including weighing, checkweighing, dynamic weighing and counting.

Portable and easy to use, the scales feature built-in wheels and handles to allow smooth transport. Low-profile beams permit easy accessibility to simplify loading, weighing and unloading. AELP comes with a 15-foot/5-meter shielded cable, allowing the indicator and beams to be positioned as needed. The AELP delivers precision load technology, with four OIML-approved load cells to provide greater accuracy and consistent measurements. Heavy-duty rubber feet ensure stability of the beams.

AELP pallet beams are ideal for industrial locations, shipping and receiving facilities, and warehouses. In agricultural settings, crates of fruit or pallets of boxes can be weighed quickly by loading them onto the weighing beams using a forklift or pallet beam truck. The beams also make it simple for farmers, veterinarians or zookeepers to record precise weights of various creatures.

The AELP operates using the indicator's AC power or the rechargeable battery, making it easy to use the weighing beams in areas where electricity is unavailable. Connect the AELP to Adam Equipment's GK or AE402 indicator for a complete weighing solution.

The GK indicator features a bright green LCD that is backlit and easy to read in most lighting conditions. Its rechargeable battery allows weighing even when electricity is unavailable. The indicator offers functions and lights to allow rapid checkweighing, and the color LED indicators show if the sample is over, under or within preset limits. An RS-232 interface allows speedy connection to a computer or printer.

With its sturdy construction, the AE402 can handle the demands on loading docks, in food processing plants, farming or for shipping and receiving areas. The sealed stainless steel housing is IP66-rated, so the indicator can be hosed down or pressure washed after use. A large LCD offers 1.6in/40mm-high digits that are easily viewed under any lighting conditions, reducing user error. AE402 facilitates checkweighing applications, with color LED indicators to show if the sample is under, over or within the preset limits.

In addition to the United States and Latin America, AELP pallet beam scales are available in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia.

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