Adam Equipment 3004013214-LightTowerKit

Adam Equipment, a global provider of industrial scales, offers a practical accessory to help industrial facilities improve weighing, counting and packaging processes. Compatible with several Adam products, the new light post and relay box device speeds up assembly lines and batch manufacturing tasks, allowing users to quickly and clearly identify compliance during checkweighing and check counting.

Easy to operate, the device works in tandem with Adam Equipment's AE 402 indicator, Warrior® washdown scale, ABK bench weighing scale and AFK floor weighing scale. These products contain drivers that control external relays, which have the ability to transmit signals from the device to the relay box and then to the light post.

The indicator or scale is wired to the relay box, which is connected to the light bar/post. Users can program limits into the scale, directing the device to determine if the weight/count is over, under or within the designated range. As the counting/weighing process is initiated, the scale assesses the results and sends a signal to the relay box, causing the light to illuminate and alert the user. The device allows users to customize their selection of light color for the alert—red, yellow or green.

Smooth and efficient operations are critical in manufacturing and industrial activities, as they have a direct effect on costs and expenses. Companies that package products by weight will find the accessory combination saves time and money. Whether it's used to weigh cookies for portions in food processing plants, or to tally quantities of bolts and screws, the light post and relay box combination improves efficiency by facilitating checkweighing and counting jobs.

The new light post for checkweighing is now available in Latin America and North America. For more information, contact us at

About Adam Equipment

For more than 40 years, Adam Equipment has designed and manufactured precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide in the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, food, animal/veterinary and jewelry markets. Adam is committed to offering an extensive selection of weighing equipment with best-in-class value. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has strategically established offices in the United States, South Africa, Australia and China to provide product support and speedy delivery to distributors.