Adam Equipment Introduces IP67-Rated AE 403 Weight Indicator for Industrial Applications

OXFORD, Conn., March 4, 2019  -- Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of professional scales and balances worldwide, announces the availability of its new AE 403 digital weight indicator. The AE 403 features stainless steel housing that is IP67 rated, so the indicator can be hosed down or pressure washed after use.

Durable construction and washdown capability make the AE 403 an excellent choice for industrial weighing. This indicator performs well at food processing plants, in farm environments, on loading docks, or for shipping and receiving tasks. The AE 403 offers features and functions for numerous applications including weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing, animal/dynamic weighing, and peak hold.

A large backlit LCD boasts 40mm/1.6-inch-high digits that are easily viewed under any lighting conditions, reducing the chance of user error when recording results. Checkweighing is fast and easy, as the display changes color when the weight is over, under, or within limits. A capacity tracker on the display helps users easily monitor overloads. The keypad is simple to operate, with a highlighted tare key and low-battery indicator.

The AE 403 indicator can connect with the Adam relay box, which allows triggers to be set to control additional devices, depending upon the user's need. This function is used in industrial settings and allows the scales to work with other items such as a motor for filling, or checkweighing lights to signal users.

Using the included bracket and hardware, the AE 403 easily can be mounted on a wall or other vertical surface, enabling greater flexibility for viewing results on the display. An internal rechargeable battery means the indicator can operate even if electricity is unavailable. It's straightforward to transmit results to computers or printers using the RS-232 interface. The AE 403 works in tandem with Adam scales, including the following:

PT Platform Scale

-The PT offers a durable diamond-plate surface and optional ramps for streamlined loading and unloading.


PT Stainless Steel Platform Scale

-Combine the IP66-rated PT stainless steel platform with the AE 403 indicator for a complete washdown weighing solution useful for rugged applications.


AELP Pallet Beams

-Outfitted with built-in wheels and handles, AELP pallet beams can be quickly set up and moved, providing a flexible solution to weigh oversized or bulky items.


PTM Platform Scale

-The low-profile PTM platform scale has integrated ramps, along with handles and wheels that enable portability in a warehouse or medical facility.


The new AE 403 replaces the AE402 weight indicator. To learn more about AE 403 indicators, visit

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