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Monitoring weight is an essential part of fitness, and even more so for professional athletes. Some sports, such as boxing, have strict weight categories the athletes must maintain in order to fight. In other sports, weight can be an indicator of muscle gain (or loss) and can ensure the player is healthy enough to handle the rigorous training they undergo. In this post, we'll explore how the CPWplus series can be used in sports to weigh athletes.

Why choose the CPWplus for weighing athletes?

Superior precision

It's about precision; many sports, such as rowing or wrestling, need athletes to weigh exactly a certain amount. If the competition states 125.0 lbs, the athlete cannot compete at 125.3 lbs. Professional athletes are highly regimented, and must tailor their diet, training and much of their lives to optimizing their bodies to their task, and as such, they need excellent precision. Muscle and weight gain must be quantified accurately.

The extra precision also helps prevent athletes dropping or gaining weight too quickly, which can be extremely unhealthy, as some could starve or dehydrate themselves to be on target, or bulk up as quickly as possible before a match to get an advantage.

Precise weight results are so important, weigh-ins are separate events just to ensure athletes are the right weight. The scale used in such an important event must be a weighing device fit for professionals. While combat sports such as wrestling or UFC fighting are famous for weigh-ins, other sports such as formula 1 racing and football also have weigh-ins. That's why sports departments generally invest in better scales; that, and because of their durability.

CPWplus Full Range

Practical design and weighing features

CPWplus P models have a pillar, which makes it easier to see the results on the indicator. With the indicator mounted on a pillar (or on the wall), athletes don't have to move around on the scale and it's easy for doctors and coaches to look at the weight. CPWplus W models have wheels and a handlebar, which offer mobility in gyms and big sports zones.

All CPWplus models have a hold function, which freezes the weight on the display. This allows more time to pass between the time of the weight-in and the recording of said weight. In hectic or crowded situations, that ensures results aren't lost and are accurate.

Rugged construction and splash-proof housing ensures the scale's durability even in demanding environments (including Mt. Kilimanjaro!). The display is bright and shows results clearly. And the battery-powered scales can function even without direct access to electricity, perfect for official weigh-ins or gyms.

Scales like the CPWplus are easy to transport to different venues, fields or gyms without compromising precision. Small models can be put in a hard carrying case to safely transport them.

The RS-232 interface allows the scale to be connected to printers or computers to keep and print records. Data and performance analysis are becoming more embedded in major sports, so accurate record keeping is paramount. Checking records can also allow coaches and athletes to check on long-term health or growth.

CPWplus Scale on Tarp

Overall, the CPWplus series is versatile and offers many different options for platform size, readabilities and capacities, allowing users a truly customized weighing experience. They're sturdy enough to handle rigorous conditions and travel without sacrificing the acute precision demanded by sports like football or gymnastics.

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