A weighing device like a scale typically has a single weighing platform, but dual counting scales offer the opportunity to add an additional one. What’s the advantage of adding a second platform?

Why Add a Second Platform?

Not all scales can accommodate a second platform. If it’s something you might need either now or down the road, it should be a consideration when you’re looking to purchase a new counting scale.

Cruiser CDT with remote base

Adam Equipment’s Cruiser CDT dual counting scale can be connected to an optional second platform. A dependable counting scale on its own (along with check counting and net total weighing), CDT offers superior speed and accuracy for counting applications. An auxiliary base provides CDT with greater functionality by expanding its capacity for better counting of bulk parts.

Do You Need a Remote Platform for Counting Applications?

You may be wondering why you wouldn’t just buy a larger capacity counting scale instead of a dual counting scale and second base. First, let’s talk about exactly what counting scales do.

In addition to general weighing, a counting scale can count identical pieces based on a sample weight or a weight entered by the user. When counting, the scale takes the total weight on the platform and divides it by the individual piece’s weight to calculate how many pieces are on the scale. (The individual parts being counted must be the same weight for the count to be accurate.)

So now we’ll return to our question: why not buy a larger capacity counting scale instead of a counting scale and remote base?

With scales, the smaller the capacity, the finer the readability. If you’re counting smaller items – like screws or paper clips – you would ideally have both a large capacity and a fine readability. With the addition of a second base, a dual counting scale provides both. By increasing your parts counting capacity, you’ll also increase the speed and efficiency of tasks like inventory.

Which Platform is the Right One?

A scale like CDT offers compatibility with a wide variety of bases, but the choice of pairing depends on the needs of the user. For example, if you’re working with a larger piece weight without much variation from piece-to-piece, you would want to pair a larger capacity scale (like CDT 48, with a capacity of 100lb / 48kg) with a high-capacity base. With a smaller piece weight, a lower-capacity scale (such as CDT 4, with a capacity of 8lb / 4kg) with lower-capacity base would make more sense.

CDT with GB base

Adam’s GB and GF ranges provide the most ideal pairings to use with CDT, with capacities ranging from 35lb / 16kg to 260lb / 120kg for GB and 165lb / 75kg to 1320lb / 600kg for GF. CDT is also available packaged with GB and GF platforms. For more information or a quote, reach out to us.


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