Highland Precision Balance Range


What is ShockProtect?

Adam Equipment's trademarked ShockProtect feature is specialised technology that helps prevent damage to the internal components of a scale or balance caused by overloading or dropping the device.

Why do I need this feature?

Weighing scales and balances are important investments, and it is essential to handle them with care. The ShockProtect feature provides an added layer of security, so you can perform weighing tasks safely and with confidence. For example, accidents are more likely to occur in busy classrooms or labs. A balance without ShockProtect that is knocked onto the floor is more likely to incur damage to internal components, resulting in decreased accuracy. ShockProtect offers an assurance of quality, ensuring consistent, precision measurements.


What is HandiCal?

HandiCal offers an easy solution to weighing scale calibration. The HandiCal feature provides fast scale calibration without the need of external calibration weights. Unique technology calibrates your balance with the touch of button, eliminating time-consuming calibration procedures.        

Why do I need this feature?

Calibration is essential to maintain balance precision, whether you use your balance regularly or occasionally. Regular calibration can help minimise inaccurate measurements that could affect your profit margins when selling by weight. HandiCal eliminates the external calibration process, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming . Furthermore, internal calibration prevents the issue of contaminated calibration weights. Calibration weights are sensitive, and should be handled with lint-free gloves or tweezers. If they happen to pick up dirt or fingerprints, it could result in distorted readings and inaccurate measurements.

Recommended weighing equipment with ShockProtect and HandiCal features

Highland Portable Precision Balance

Highland Precision Balance with Draft Shield

With easy operation and many features, Highland portable precision balances are suitable for use in many settings — from retail jewellery weighing to the measurement of chemicals in labs. The Highland’s  compact design allows multiple balances to be stacked, minimising the amount of storage space needed.

The balance comes with parts counting, accumulation and percentage weighing functions,  helpful in restaurants where food workers serve standardised portions; for chemists who need to prepare medications and herbal remedies; or at post offices where clerks weigh small packages and envelopes prior to mailing.

The Highland precision balance features easy-to-clean ABS plastic housing, and a removable draft shield helps minimise the effects of wind or gusts of air. With ShockProtect and HandiCal technology, the Highland provides quality, value, and reliability in any setting.

Core Portable Compact Balance

Core Portable Compact Balance

Core portable compact balances offer a cost-effective weighing solution for a variety of applications. Created for use in labs, classrooms or in the field, the Core is constructed of sturdy ABS housing that is easy to clean and protects the balance from spills. An innovative, space-saving stackable design makes storage simple.

The Core is ideal for basic weighing tasks, such as performing lab tests; conducting classroom experiments; and measuring specimens or medications in veterinary offices. Its ShockProtect feature helps safeguard the load cell, which means the Core can tolerate overloads without damage to weighing mechanisms.