Tracking the weight of a baby or toddler is necessary to make sure they're healthy and are on track in their development process. During the first month of a baby’s life it is important to make sure they are gaining around 5 to 7 ounces per week. Getting accurate weighing results can help you make conclusions to adjust their diet or formula. Additionally, you can determine if they are entering or exiting a growth spurt. Having an accurate medical scale can help provide pediatricians and healthcare professionals with results they need to keep a regular log of your child’s measurements. The weight of your child can also help when assessing what doses of medicines to use according to their weight.

Having a baby or toddler scale like the Adam Equipment MTB 20 makes it easy to weigh your baby or toddler whether you are in the doctors office or at home. The easily removable cradle and max capacity of up to 44lb makes it an excellent choice for weighing newborns and children up to 3 years old.

In these next steps we will provide an overview of the basic operating function of the Adam Equipment MTB 20 baby and toddler scale.

Weighing Infants

   -  Place the scale on a flat level and stable solid surface

   -  Press the on/zero key and wait for the scale to zero out

   -  Gently place the baby in the middle of the weighing cradle

   -  Wait the numbers to show a stable weighing result

   -  Record the final weigh for your records or uese the memory key function to save the result

Weighing Toddlers

   - Remove weighing cradle to utilize the weighing platform with the blue non-slip rubber mat weighing platform

   - Press the on/zero key and weight for the scale to zero out

   - Have the toddler step onto the weighing platform and stand still until there is a stable result

   - Record the final weight for your records or use the memory key function to save the result

   - Press the on/zero key to clear the result


Using the Memory Key Function

The onboard memory key function retains the most recent weight. Simply press the [MEM] key when weight is displayed on the screen and flashing.

To recall the stored weight, just press the [Mem] Key when the display is at zero. Press it again to return to weighing. This allows you to recall the weight after moving the child off of the scale.

Bonus: the Adam Equipment BMR 100baby measuring rod can assit in getting length of infants and children when they are laying down. This can be used in combination with the MTB and the rods can be mounted to a wall. 


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