You can measure density and specific gravity with density kits and balances. Be sure to get the right density kit, as we have different options depending on the size of the balance’s weighing pan. Analytical and semi-micro models can include a density function that will perform calculations for the users. With more basic models, users will have to perform the calculations themselves.

Setting up the Density Kit

  1. Make sure your balance is off.
  2. Carefully remove the top pan from the balance.
  3. Place the replacement pan included in your density kit on the bottom pan.
  4. Place the beaker stand onto the replacement pan.
  5. Put the density pan stand on the beaker stand.
  6. Put the beaker on the stand.
  7. Once the beaker is stable, affix the thermometer clamp to the beaker.
  8. Put the thermometer on the clamp. Make sure it’s not going to fall or move.
  9. Place the density pan (for solid samples) or the glass plunger (for floating samples in liquid) through the hole on top of the density pan stand.
  10. Fill the beaker with water. Make sure the water is room temperature and avoid bubbles by pouring slowly.
  11. Measure the temperature of the water, and make sure it remains constant.
  12. Record the water’s temperature.
  13. Start the balance.
  14. Make sure the balance shows zero before you place the sample.

Note: If you’re using the hook below the balance, you can simply place the sample on a density pan or a wire so that the sample is suspended by the hook. You still need to make sure you have a stable surface to place the beaker of water and its accessories if you’re determining liquid density.

How to use the Density Function on Lab Balances

  1. Navigate through the menu to find the density mode using the arrows.
  2. Once you’re in Density Mode, you can choose solid or liquid density.
  3. If you choose Solid Density, enter the solid density value in (g/cm3). If you choose Liquid Density, enter the liquid density value in (g/cm3), then select the liquid you’re using, and enter the temperature of the liquid.
  4. Tap START.
  5. The balance will display the results. You can press “Restart” to measure another sample, or “Esc” to exit the density mode.