This lesson plan is designed to explain how to perform density determination and explain Archimedes' Principle.

This printable education experiment contains a detailed teachers' guide and answer sheet, student reading sheet and question sheet for printing and distributing in the classroom.

Age Level

This lesson is appropriate for grades 7-12. Parts of the lesson may be appropriate for grades 5-6.


Science as inquiry, mathematical measurement, and data analysis.


  1. 1. To explain how to perform density determination
  2. 2. To explain Archimedes’ Principle and the measurement of mass and volume of irregularly shaped samples.
  3. 3. To expose students to common measuring instruments used in the lab.

Please note: Since this lesson plan was written the ACBplus 3000 has been superseded by the Highland HCB 3001.

Activity Overview

This lesson is designed to easily and quickly integrate into existing curriculum. It comes complete with a high-interest reading passage, standards correlations, vocabulary lists, plus extensions and assessment tools with answer keys. This TOPICtutor is appropriate for remedial, review, reinforcement, or extension purposes.


TOPIC Tutor 1 Density Determination and Archimedes Ah-Ha Moment (PDF)