This video will show you the step-by-step process on assembling Adam Equipment's Anti-Vibration Table.


Video Assembly Guide

Anti-Vibration Table

Welcome to Adam Equipment’s step-by-step video guide for assembling the AVT anti-vibration table.

Assembling the Inner Frame

1. Open the packing box and remove the three layers of foam packing.
Lower Layer
Middle Layer
Top Layer

2. Remove the left inner side rail from the top packing layer. Remove the granite supporting rail from the middle packing layer. Remove the right inner side rail from the bottom packing layer.

3. Remove the accessories from their bag. This should include a hex key, fourteen M8 x40 (em eight by forty) screws and four rubber grommets.

4. Attach the two inner side rails to the granite support frame at the four corners using four screws. For both of the rails, the side that contains the bottom screw hole should face the same direction.

5. Attach the bottom supporting rail to the inner side rails using two screws.

6. Fit the four rubber grommets onto the screws located at the top of the support rails for the granite.

7. Use the knobs under the rails to lower the grommet adjustment bolts. Align the four rubber grommet support bolts so the rubber grommets rest on the rail.

8. Use the hex key to open the wooden box containing the granite slab, and remove the lid.

9. Place the granite slab on the top of the four rubber grommets, making certain it is centered.

Assembling the Outer Frame

1. Remove the table top from the middle packing layer. Remove the right outer rail from the lower packing, and the left outer rail from the top packing.

2. Place the table on the floor. The Adam logo on the table should face the rear. Attach the outer side rails to the table top with four screws. Attach the side rails with the three screw holes facing forward, so they will align correctly with the front of the table.

3. Remove the front supporting rail from the bottom packing layer. Take four screws and attach the rail to the front upper edge, using the two remaining screw holes on each of the side rails.

4. Remove the remaining rail from the top packing layer. Use two screws to attach the rail to the lower rear frame.

5. Lift and then lower the outer table frame onto the inner table. Check to make sure the space between the granite and the table top is equal on all four sides.

6. Use the granite adjustment knob at the bottom of the inner frame to align the granite with the table top. The granite should be level and between two and five millimeters higher than the table top to ensure the most accurate measurement.

Congratulations on assembling your Anti-Vibration Table!