As a global business, Adam Equipment recognises the environmental impact we can have on the planet and the importance of maintaining a sustainable workplace environment.

That’s why we’ve taken responsibility to maximise our business processes to ensure our business and employee conduct commits to reducing environmental impact and the promotion of a sustainable planet. Adam Equipment’s main objective is to reduce the impact our products and packaging have on the planet as well as minimizing our carbon footprint through improved practices.

This month, we have proudly released our 2020 sustainability statement on the Adam Equipment website.


Sustainability report 2020


What the report includes:

  • How Adam works with the environment under sustainability through our employees, our design processes, environmentally friendly packaging and global recycling programmes that include compliancy with both ISO standards and WEEE regulations for Electronic / Electrical equipment as well as Battery and Packaging regulations.

We also have strategically placed offices situated around the globe and operate via a global network of dealers. Not only does this reduce environmental impact in regard to travel emissions but also increases levels of efficiency and convenience in our customer service offerings, ensuring products are received quickly and aftercare services are easily accessible no matter where customers are located around the globe.

  • How Adam works with human rights under sustainability as an equal opportunities’ employer through our management and our suppliers. Not only does Adam implement sustainable processes in our own workplace, we ensure our suppliers conduct in an ethical manner too. A code of conduct is always issued to our business partners and suppliers illustrating our expectations to ensure labour standards are ethical and working conditions are always of satisfactory level.

  • How Adam works with anti-corruption under sustainability through fair and ethically sound operation. Adam Equipment conducts its business professionally with the upmost integrity and always in compliance with the laws in which it operates. Adam Equipment does not tolerate any form of corruption, operating globally to ensure no forms of bribery occur between our business, operations and employees.

Not only do we continually strive to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in our workplace environment, Adam also offer weighing products that facilitate sustainable activity for a wide range of industries and businesses across the globe, helping to increase accuracy and efficiency of weighed goods whilst reducing potential product waste at the same time.

“Adam Equipment is always striving to create a better environment for customers, staff and the world.”


We operate under transparency; we understand how important the environment and ethical business practices are to our customers and business partners. Therefore, we work on a premise of continual improvement to ensure Adam Equipment continues to work in the most ethical and sustainable way.

Adam Equipment is also a proud member of the Indutrade Group and conform to the groups policy and practices. To find out more about Indutrade and their sustainable practices, please click here.