New ionizer offered for use with analytical and semi-micro balances

Adam Equipment, a leading provider of weighing instruments worldwide, has added an ionizer to its line of balance accessories. Adam Equipment's new ionizer addresses the issue of excess static electricity, increasing accuracy and helping to maintain sample integrity.

Static charge that accumulates on certain materials can wreak havoc with sensitive electronic instruments, including scales and balances. Easy to use, the Adam ionizer neutralizes the static charge in non-conductive materials such as plastic, glass, ceramics, paper and textiles. When these materials encounter friction, heat or pressure, static electricity can build up, especially in low-humidity environments.

When weighing in increments smaller than milligrams, accuracy can be improved by using an ionizer to neutralize the electrostatic charge. Adam Equipment 's ionizer operates quickly yet quietly, so it won 't distract users or disrupt research. Lightweight and easily movable, the ionizer can be positioned conveniently beside the weighing instrument or weighing container.

During the testing process, samples frequently are placed in glass, plastic or ceramic receptacles. The electromagnetic charge that collects between the balance, receptacle, and the sample to be weighed can distort measurements by as much as a gram. For powder samples that are poured into glass receptacles, static electricity can cause some of the powder to collect on the inside wall. Using the ionizer on the glass prior to adding the powder helps eliminate this issue, keeping samples intact.

During the manufacturing process, static electricity that builds up can lead to packaging problems. Foam packing, cellophane and labels attract particles such as dirt, dust or lint, resulting in incorrect application or contaminated products. The Adam ionizer neutralizes the static charge in these substances, leading to fewer packaging issues, higher efficiency and cost savings.

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