Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, has added a new model to its line of CPWplus scales available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

The newly available CPWplus P bench and floor scale offers a pillar-mounted display, making it easy to read the indicator from a distance.

The CPWplus P scale meets weighing demands in most settings, providing numerous features to accommodate industrial, warehouse, office, field and lab applications. With simple operation, rugged construction, and a stainless steel pan that’s easy to wipe down, the CPWplus P is an exceptional value.

Solid metal housing on the CPWplus P provides a stable base for outstanding precision weighing. CPWplus P models are available with capacities from 6000g-200kg and readabilities of 2g-50g.

At the heart of the scale lies the indicator, housed in sturdy aluminum casing and featuring a four-button keypad. The indicator contains a backlit digital display with large, easy-to-read digits. A hold function freezes the displayed weight, allowing ample time for the user to record results. For speedy connection to a printer or computer, the CPWplus P features an RS-232 port.

Powered with AC adapter or batteries, the CPWplus P can be used in labs or in variable field environments where electricity is unavailable.

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