Adam Equipment's new Nimbus series of balances is now shipping in Australia and South Africa. With a compact footprint and easy operation, Nimbus analytical and precision balances occupy minimal space on the laboratory bench while streamlining the user experience. The Nimbus range offers readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g, capacities from 80g to 22kg, plus USB and RS-232 connections.

Ideal for measuring samples, Nimbus is highly efficient, providing speedy results when labs need to assess multiple quantities in a short time. Nimbus analytical balances with 0.1mg readability have a glass-enclosed weighing chamber, which disassembles quickly for cleaning. Nimbus precision balances with 0.001g readability have a round glass shield to minimise effects of air movement, important for ensuring precise lab readings in any industry.

Laboratories performing research and development tasks find the Nimbus is well-suited for testing various chemicals, powders and other materials. Solid metal construction throughout the Nimbus provides the durability to withstand chemicals and rigorous use.

Food processing and manufacturing facilities with quality control labs count on the Nimbus to ensure food items meet or exceed standards for consistency, fill rate, and other variables that can affect the final product. With numerous weighing units including a customizable unit, Nimbus capably handles counting, percentage weighing, density measurement for liquids or solids, and dynamic weighing for liquids and beverages.

Forensic labs rely on the Nimbus to help determine quantities and amounts of evidence seized during criminal investigations. The Nimbus is available with either internal or external calibration, and Nimbus balances having external calibration allow labs to calibrate using certified weights for traceability. This ensures the device is operating properly and has been maintained correctly, providing the lab with documented traceability if evidence measurements are used in court.

The Nimbus is ideal to verify the hardness of substances used in construction projects, such as concrete or asphalt. Materials testing labs can quickly and easily perform unit weight testing and specific gravity tests for density, as the balance is available in high-capacity models that can accommodate larger samples. The Nimbus base is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum, offering stability and highly repeatable results.

In pharmaceutical labs, the Nimbus is suitable for use in the research and development phase, quality control on the production line, and during pilot testing. Data collection and transmission are optimised with the Nimbus's USB and RS-232 interfaces, allowing test results on the products to be sent to computers or printers in the lab.

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