AE403 Checkweighing Indicator

Checkweighing is a key feature in many floor and bench scales designed for commercial and industrial warehouse use. In this post, we’ll take a look at how checkweighing works and whether you should buy a checkweighing scale with a basic checkweighing feature, or buy a scale that has more features tailored to checkweighing capabilities. We’ll also explore which industries and applications require checkweighing features and how this feature can benefit you.

What is Checkweighing?

Checkweighing means to compare a weight against limits to determine if the weight is within preset limits. So for example, if you’re selling boxes of strawberries, you want to ensure all of the boxes weigh the same so that people pay the same price for the same amount. So if the boxes are labeled 1lb, you can put each box on the scale and find out it if it’s under, over, or within a weight range of your choosing without having to weigh and get the specific results.

Typical features of a checkweighing scale?

Basic checkweighing can be achieved with a weighing indicator like the GK and a platform scale such as the GB or PT. Scales that have built in checkweighing, features usually include colored LED displays that light up on the scale’s indicator, as well as an audible alarm to let you know if the weight is under, over or within preset limits. Some features are not specifically made for checkweighing, but are useful complements; zero tracking and automatic tare can speed up repetitive checkweighing tasks. Scales designed with checkweighing specifically in mind can be used with optional relay boxes to have light towers, or have selectable digital filtering.

Warrior Checkweighing Scales with Light Tower

Things to consider before buying a checkweighing scale

As always, think about the applications and the operating conditions of the weighing scale when deciding what to purchase. If you are only thinking of using the feature sparingly (to create the occasional goody bags, for example), then a more simple scale like the GBK or GFK floor scale is fine. If you’re in a quality assurance department, the bells and whistles of a scale like the AFK or Warrior washdown scale will make your tasks much faster and easier, and will save you time and money in the long run. Checkweighing scales are make useful shipping scales that can be used in warehouses and docking facilities.

More things to consider are the size of the scale (do you own a shop that creates small products, or a big warehouse that see heavy duty loads?), its IP rating (if you work in rougher conditions or with food, protection from dust, spills and wash down capabilities are a must!) and other applications (like parts counting or dynamic weighing). Think about the tasks you must accomplish and what makes them more difficult, and look for features that can solve your problems and boost productivity.

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