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TBB Triple Beam Balances

Capacity: 2610g to 2610g
Readibility: 0.1g to 0.1g


  • WeighingWeighing


  • Weigh BelowWeigh Below
  • External CalibrationExternal Calibration
  • Security LockSecurity Lock
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This helpful content will take you from unboxing to using your new Adam product quickly and easily
Unpack the box to verify each component is present. Remove protective plugs/caps and any packing material, then place the pan or platform on the scale, taking care that the pan doesn’t touch any of the sides.
Power on the balance. If it has a battery, the battery should be fully charged before use. Some balances may need up to 24 hours to acclimate to the room’s temperature.
Once powered on and the startup process has completed, check to make sure that the balance displays a zero-weight reading.
You’re now ready to start weighing. For the most accurate results, calibrate your balance regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Hard carrying case with lock-700100211
Hard carrying case with lock-700100211
Tripod Legs-700100213
Tripod Legs-700100213
Weight set-700100225
Weight set-700100225
Weigh-below hook-3021210953
Weigh-below hook-3021210953
Security lock and cable-700100046
Security lock and cable-700100046


Pan Size
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TBB Triple Beam Balances-TBB 610S TBB 610S610g0.1g6.0" / 152mm ø
TBB Triple Beam Balances-TBB 2610S TBB 2610S2610g0.1g6.0" / 152mm ø
TBB Triple Beam Balances-TBB 2610T TBB 2610T2610g0.1g6.0" / 152mm ø
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