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Aqua Stainless Steel Washdown Scales-ABW 8S

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18lb / 8kg
0.001lb / 0.5g
Pan Size
9.6" x7.1" / 245x180mm
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For ultimate dependability, the Aqua ABW-S boasts IP68 washdown protection, meaning it’s suitable for weighing messy or dusty materials in demanding environments.


Parts countingParts counting
Percentage weighingPercentage weighing


Battery PowerBattery Power
External CalibrationExternal Calibration
Multiple Weighing unitsMultiple Weighing units
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For ultimate dependability, the Aqua ABW-S boasts IP68 washdown protection, meaning it's suitable for weighing messy or dusty materials in demanding environments. In addition to the easy-to-clean grade 304 stainless steel housing and platform, the pan is removable for hygienic maintenance. Overload protection helps safeguard the scale against accidental overloads for a reliable, long-lasting weighing solution. Well-suited for food processing, batching and packaging, the Aqua offers features designed to improve productivity. The bright LED displays clearly shows results in the front and rear of the scale, allowing multiple users to use the same scale, while hidden color-changing indicators light up during checkweighing to show if results are over, under or within preset limits. Percentage weighing makes baking and recipe batching effortless, while parts counting speeds up packaging tasks. Take advantage of the internal rechargeable battery for operation anywhere, including areas where access to power is limited. The Aqua's quick stabilization time means weighing tasks are faster and more efficient.

Features and Benefits

  • IP67-rated for protection against water and dust
  • External calibration allows for verification and adjustment with weights
  • Sealed keypad protects against dirt and spills
  • Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components
  • Solid ABS housing is durable for industrial use
  • Heavy-duty rubber feet ensure stability of unit
  • Bright LED display for easy viewing in most environments
  • Checkweighing LEDs clearly show under, over and within acceptable limits
  • Front and rear 20mm LED displays allows for dual use
  • Zero-tracking feature ensures display returns to zero reading
  • The auto power-off feature conserves battery life
  • Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
  • AC adapter included
  • Stabilization time of within 1 second
  • A 3-year warranty means quality assured for years of use.

Technical specification




  • Readability
    • 0.001lb / 0.5g

General Specifications

  • Pan size
    • 9.6" x7.1" / 245x180mm
  • Weighing Units
    • g, kg, lb, lb:oz, oz
  • Stabilisation Time
    • 1
  • Calibration
    • External calibration
  • Display
    • LED with 0.8" / 20mm high digits


  • Power Supply
    • 12VDC 800mA adapter / Internal rechargeable battery
  • Battery type
    • Lead Acid
  • Number of batteries
    • 1

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Temperature
    • 0° to 40°C / 32° to 104°F

Product Information

  • Construction
    • Stainless steel
  • Net Weight
    • 0kg

Compliance Information

  • Approvals
    • NSF



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