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Recursos educativos

Created by teachers for teachers, these resources may be copied and distributed for classroom usage. Each resource comes complete with a reproducible student activity sheet, connections to standards, a vocabulary list, possible extensions, and an answer key.

If you have feedback or if you would like to submit your own classroom resource idea for possible inclusion in the Adam collection, please contact the Education Division at education@adamequipment.com


Click on an experiment below to see the reproducible student sheets and teacher's guide for any Adam resource.


Experiment 1 THATSA PASTA! - A Delicious Density Experiment (pdf, 783kb)
Students learn to measure mass, volume, and density while exploring intensive and extensive properties of matter.

Experiment 2 EGG OBSERVATIONS - An Osmosis Eggsperiment (pdf, 887kb)
By observing what happens to an egg when it is placed in four different solutions, students see osmosis take place right before their eyes.

Experiment 3 THE BURNING QUESTION - A Conservation of Matter Experiment (pdf, 874kb)
This safe demonstration will surprise and engage students, leading to a solid understanding of the law of conservation of matter.

Experiment 4 HAVE A BLAST FINDING MOLAR MASS - An Ideal Gas Experiment (pdf, 216kb)
Students apply the Ideal Gas Law to determine the molar mass of an unknown gas found in a common household product.

Experiment 5 SOIL CHEMISTRY - dealing with data can Get rough! (pdf, 260kb)
Earth Science is used in this experiment where students learn how to identify and measure different properties of sand.

Experiment 6 - Keep Your Eyes on the Joules - A Hess - Law Experiment (pdf, 871kb)
This thermochemistry experiment tracks the movement of heat during an experiment incorporating measurement, data collection, data analysis, and drawing conclusions.

Experiment 7 - MASSIVE REACTIONS (pdf, 871kb)
This lab illustrates different types of reactions.

TOPIC tutor 1 Density Determination and Archimedes Ah-Ha Moment (pdf, 860kb)
Review the concept of density with this high interest reading passage and its accompanying density calculation worksheet.