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Regular Maintenance

Looking after your product can prolong its lifespan, provide more consistently accurate results and potentially reduce your parts and labour costs. We suggest the following measures to help:

  • Keep your product clean, using an in-use cover extends the life of keypads etc. 
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh environments.
  • Power off your scale when not in use for prolonged periods, for laboratory balances, leave the product switched on but in standby mode.
  • Calibrate your balance at regular intervals.
  • Have your product regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure it continues to provide accurate results.

If you have a problem with your product see below:

  1. Read the common problems and solutions information below, to see whether you can solve the problem yourself.
  2. Check the user manual for error message explanations that are specific to your balance. For current products you can download user manuals here. For older, or legacy products please contact us regarding availability of a replacement manual.

If you are still experiencing a problem then either call one of our local service centres or use the contact form on this website, select service or spare parts and send us the details of your problem. We will review the details and get back to you.

We provide an inspection and quotation service for customers wanting to get their product repaired. A standard inspection fee of £25 per machine applies and is waived if the repair quotation is accepted.

Common Problems and Solutions

We have found that many service problems can be resolved if the user performs some simple checks on the scale or balance in question. Please refer to the table below to help identify some basic problems and solutions.

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