Versatile and practical, Adam Equipment’s MDW digital scales are ideal for fitness centers, gyms, doctors’ offices and hospitals.

The MDW offers an affordable weighing solution for medical professionals and health practitioners throughout the world. Beyond the scale’s sleek exterior, you’ll find rugged construction and heavy-duty functionality. Built-in wheels expedite the scale’s smooth transport between exam rooms or offices. Powered by an AC adapter or battery, the MDW offers convenient operation in any setting. A non-slip platform on the MDW ensures secure footing for users when stepping on and off the scale.

MDW’s four-button keypad is simple to operate and allows speedy weight determination and quick taring. A hold function freezes the weight on the display, allowing plenty of time to record readings. The keypad is sealed, so fingerprints can be quickly wiped off, helping keep the scale clean and sanitary. The display is amply sized and provides large red digits that are easily visible. A height bar facilitates simultaneous height measurement during weighing. The MDW 300L features the ability to calculate body mass index. An RS-232 interface on the MDW 300L simplifies transmission of results to computers or printers.